The SCADA system connects the control system and your staff. With good visualisation, faults are detected faster and standstills are limited. Adding a recipe manager enables you to switch quickly between products while guaranteeing continuous quality.

Siemens WinCC Flexible

Ranging from Simatic panels to Runtime on PCs. Using WinCC Flexible 2008 or TIA Portal, CDC Automatisatie provides you with a clear picture of your machines.

Siemens WinCC

We use Siemens WinCC to visualize large quantities of data. This powerful software provides a clear overview of all your processes.
CDC Automatisatie offers support from V4.0 onwards.

Siemens Protool

We still support the old system, but we also offer conversions to the newer systems.

Other brands:

- Wonderware Intouch
- Vijeo Designer
- Citect
- GT Works

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